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You can increase your productivity in writing posts, by using WordPress keyboard shortcuts.
A list of useful shortcuts are provided below.

Visual Editor

  • Kitchen Sink: Click on ‘kitchen sink’ button in the visual editor for more options. It includes ‘text color’, ‘copy and paste from Word’, ‘remove formatting’ and ‘inserting symbols’.

Rich Editor Help

  • Click on ‘Help’ button for Rich Editor Help window. To display the list of available shortcut keys, click on ‘Hotkeys’.

  • Other useful shortcuts:
    • Shift + Alt + Z: Show/hide Kitchen Sink.
    • Ctrl/Command + S: Save your draft post.
    • Ctrl/Command + 8: Format.

Sifting Through Comments

    • To moderate comments more effectively,
      1. Go to Users Profile.
      2. Tick on ‘Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation.’
      3. Go to Comments page.



You may navigate through comments using ‘J’ to move down current selection, or ‘K’ to move up current selection.
Note: To go to next page of comments, press ‘J’ at the last comment of the page. Similarly, to go to previous page of comments, press ‘K’ at the last comment of the page.

      • Other useful shortcuts:
      • X : Tick current comment.
      • A : Approve current comment.
      • S : Mark current comment as spam.
      • D : Delete current comment.
      • Z : Undo comment.
      • U : Undo approval for current comment and puts it back into moderation.
      • R : Reply to current comment. (Press ‘Esc’ to cancel reply)
      • Q : Activate Quick Edit for current comment. (Press Esc to cancel reply)
      • E : Edit current comment.
      • Shift + A : Approve checked comments.
      • Shift + S : Mark checked comments as spam.
      • Shift + D : Delete checked comments in trash.
      • Shift + U : Undo approval for checked comments.
      • Shift + T : Move checked comments to trash.
      • Shift + Z : Undo checked comments from trash.