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Whether you are a freshies or doing your last term here at NTU, being able to get more done in less time is the key to getting a head-start. I am going to share a few of my favourite tools that will help improve your productivity. Here’s seven of my recommendations in no particular order :-

#1 – YAST

YAST is a time tracking tool that is very easy to use and understand. One simply needs to create a tasks or a project, set the target time to complete and activate the timer to start when ready. For starters to get yourself more productivity and knowing where your time is spent on, your can track all your daily tasks like web surfing, eating dinner, toilet break, etc. It will be interesting to note how much time you spent in each of your daily tasks and highlight which are the things where time is being spent efficiently and which areas you are just spending too much time on. This will definitely help you to get yourself more organised and efficient. You can create an account for free or link it to your google account.


Supporting OS : web, android, iOS


Google Docs stores your work on cloud which allows you to access them from any computer connected to the internet. In fact with Google drive and Dropbox, it eliminates the need to need to use thumb drive. It also has some great sharing and collaboration features that you could make use of. For example, I can set “editable” permission on my file and share the link with other. I can upload my folder of different document types like Excel, Ppt and Word as one folder directly and store it as a collection on Google docs. Google docs also have many easy to use features that allows me to create forms and macros without any in-depth technical skill.

Supporting OS : web, android, iOS, windows apps


I was thrilled when I first set up my google cloud print. It makes it so seamlessly easy for me to send my print job to my home or work or even the school network printer without the need to access to a device that is physically connected with the printer. I completed a report at home require for work tomorrow, and can just send it for print and not having to transfer the file to office and print the next day. Google cloud print also allows me to send print out via my mobile device even from my iPad without the of purchasing expensive apps. I just need to send the print out from google chrome. Pretty cool. Read my earlier posting on the step by step guide to link school network printers with your gooogle account.

Supporting OS : android, iOS, other devices


Evernote is most probably the most popular note talking tool available. It is available via desktop, web and mobile apps and syncs your notes between all medium effortlessly. A great tool with some extraordinary features like Evernote web clipper that helps you to save a whole website including images and content to your Evernote; saving photos to your notes; and drag-and-drop documents into your Evernote app to create a new note with the document embedded. It’s that simple. We also conduct Evernote workshop to show you some of these extraordinary features.

Supporting OS : web, android, iOS, windows apps


Project management tool that has an post-it like interface that just keeps everything very simple and clean. Trello allows users to create project boards and easily manage the people and resources associated with each task. You can shift tasks around, assign to other collaborators simply by click and drag. It also allows you to attached files, images making it very adaptable to your needs. You can create an account for free or link it to your Google account.

Supporting OS : web, android, iOS, windows apps


I was inspired to use Workflowy when I stumbled upon Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journalling method. Bullet Journal uses “rapid logging” to help one to stay productivity in the easy possible way. This method requires one to quickly put your monthly tasks in a list, then the sub tasks under each tasks. It is a simple method but can get rather laborious when one having to keep listing and rewriting in completed tasks to move to preceding month. I discovered Workflowy helps to track my tasks using Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journaling method and yet allows me to easily shift and copy tasks. You can read more about how I marry Workflowy app with Bullet Journalling from blogs@ntu. The best part is that Workflowy allows one to work offline which is another plus points as more apps require us to be online to work on our list. You can create an account for free or link it to your Google account.

Supporting OS : web, android, iOS


It is an excellent web based task scheduler and reminder which makes setting up reminders super easy. Your can set reminders from web, mobile phone, by emailing them and receive email, SMS or IM reminders. Plus you could share your tasks, manage them offline and use it with other tools like google calendar and Evernote. You can link Evernote reminders in RTM, and link your Evernote NOTE in RTM. Tapping the evernote icon will take you straight to your note in evernote. You can create an account for free or link it to your Facebook or Google accounts.

Supporting OS : web, android, iOS, blackberry apps, window apps

Did I miss your favourite tool that helps you in getting a head-start in school? Share your must-have apps and tools with us.

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