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Google Search has undoubtedly make our lives much easier. Here is some handy searching tips to improve your internet experience!

  1. Currency Conversion
    • Get current exchange rates by typing [currency 1] in [currency 2] into the search bar.
  2. Flight Times
    • Get current flights by typing the airline name and flight number into the search bar.
  3. Weather Forecast
    • Simply type weather followed by the [city] into the search bar to view the weather report of the location.
  4. Time in country
    • Simply type time followed by the [city] into the search bar to get the current time of the location.
  5. Definitions and Etymology
    • Simply type define: or Etymology: followed by the [word] into the search bar to get its definitions or origin.
  6. Specific Site Searches
    • Simply type site: followed by the [site address] [word] into the search bar.
  7. Exact phrase search
    • Simply add quotations marks around “[words]” into the search bar for an exact phase search.
  8. Web History
    • Simply type to view the log of past online web history for your Google account. Account authentication may be required.
  9. Auto-correct spell checker
    • Google automatically defaults to the most common spelling of a given word, even when you make a mistake in the spelling.
  10. Stock Prices
    • Simply type the ticker name for the stock into the search bar to view its financial information.
  11. Number Conversions
    • Do conversions to any measurements by typing the number and unit of measurement into the search bar.
  12. Google Calculator
    • Simply type any maths equation into the search bar and Google will calculate it for you.
  13. Geometry Calculator
    • Search for geometry formulas using geometry problems using Google search bar.
  14. Anagrams
    • Simply type the anagram into the search bar and Google will solve them for you.
  15. Movie Times
    • Simply type in the movie name and Google will retrieve the showtimes and theatre locations in your area.