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Getting Started with Prezi

Prezi is a dynamic online zooming presentation tool that helps to animate your presentation. Some readers might complain about “airbag sickness” when seeing a prezi presentation but if use with appropriate pause and story boarding, Prezi is a very powerful tool in conveying your message.

See below to familiarize yourself with Prezi.

Sign up a Prezi Account
You can sign up using :-

  • Facebook account
  • Linkedin account
  • Other preferred email account
  • NTU email account (Edu account)

You can create one of below accounts (free) to start off. I recommend creating an Edu account for NTU faculty and students.

Edu Enjoy Enjoy Public
Storage 4 GB 4 GB 100 MB
Control Privacy Settings
Access on any device
Premium Support
Image editing tools
Work offline
Prezi Training
Central Account Management
Pricing Free 14 days free




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Create a Prezi Slide
  1. Login Prezi
  2. Select “Your prezis” from the top menu
  3. Select “+ New prezi” from the left column
  4. Select your desired template
  5. Click “Use template

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Understanding Prezi Canvas
This is what the Edit-mode of a Prezi Canvas looks like. There is a menu bar for you to insert images, videos, powerpoint slides, etc.; to customise your prezi’s layout, background, template theme and font-types. The left column lets you control your content and how it is display using frames (similar to “slides” in powerpoint) and path (similar to “slide-transition” in powerpoint). The right column is for

Prezi Canvas

  1. Frames are a key component of the Prezi experience. It not serves as the placeholders for your content but it also allows you to zoom into specific details. Unlike powerpoint, you can create a frame within a frame.
  2. You can insert a variety of media types including background music and voice-over. Do note that if your media content resides online eg. a video on youtube, you will need an active Internet connection to play or view that media content when presenting. Layouts refer to frames templates like below :
    prezi layout single prezi layout
  3. Selecting “customize” will allow you to change the template theme and background. Select “Advanced” to further customize individual color and font-types of your theme. You can also visit for more templates.
  4. By default, your presentation path is in order of the frames appearing in the left column. You can change the order of the presentation by selecting and dragging the frames. Selecting “Edit Path” allows you to delete a path without deleting a frame, animate the content within the frame.
  5. The “Home menu” appears when you hover at the right side of the canvas. This is a useful tool to let you zoom in/out of the content and also to see the overview of your whole prezi

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Inserting text
  1. Double-click on any part of the canvas to insert text
    prezi insert text
  2. Adjust the font-size by selecting and dragging the “little white ball” at the bottom right corner of the text editing mode
  3. You can only change the font-type and color via “Customize” > “Advanced
    Prezi customize advance

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Insert a media item
  1. Select “Insert” from the top menu and then “Image
  2. You can search for an image via “Google Images” or upload the image from your computer
  3. Check the box “Search only for images licensed for commercial use” if you are unsure about the copyright of the images used
    Prezi Insert image
  4. Select the desired image click “Insert
  5. You can also paste the URL of the image in the search box under “Google Images” if you have the URL to the image
  6. You can also add a YouTube video to your prezi by pasting the URL of your desired YouTube video into a text box.

Note: When inserting a YouTube video, you will need an active Internet connection to play the video when presenting.

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Animate your content
  1. Select “Edit Path
  2. Click on the “star” – Animation that appears along the path.
  3. The “star” will turn orange and zoom into the content like below:
    Animate frame content
  4. select the content that you wish to apply the animation in order of how you wish the content to appear. This step is useful when you want the content within a frame to appear in a particular sequence.

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Uploading Powerpoint slides to Prezi
  1. Select “Insert” from the top menu and then “PowerPoint
  2. Click on “Select File…” and choose the PPT or PPTx file you want to import. After a brief loading process, will preview all of the slides for you in panel on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. You can now drag and drop individual slides from the right sidebar onto your prezi canvas.
  4. You can also multi select slides with shift and double click to insert them onto your prezi canvas
  5. You can change the order of the presentation slides by drag and drop individual slides from the sidebar

Note: The formatting of the content you import is dependent on both the prezi template and theme that you choose. Your theme choice will set the colors and font choices of your prezi. This includes all content that is imported from a PowerPoint presentation.

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Publish your prezi
  1. Select “Save” button on the top menu to save your prezi.
  2. Select “Share” button on the top menu and “Share prezi…” to publish your prezi.
  3. Selecting the privacy option desired for this particular prezi and then ‘Close‘ the pop-up window.
    prezi share 2

    • Private: Only you can view the presentation.
    • Hidden: Anyone can view the presentation if you give them the link.
    • Public: Anyone can see this presentation and search for it via


  • The text in this button changes depending on the current privacy status of your prezi. For example, if the prezi is available for reuse, the button will read “Public & Reuseable”, if it is set as private; the text in the button will read “Private”.
  • If you have a free Public Prezi license, your prezis are always public and you cannot set them as “Private”. However, you do have the option to set them unavailable for reuse to the public by unchecking the box “Allow public reuse and help spread ideas”.

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My Picks
Here are some of my favourite picks.

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