Meeting Log #4 – 18 March 2015

Location: Benches outside NBS, opposite LT 24

Time: 12pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

A brief meeting before class to finish up on the remaining unfinished part on “Chemical Concept”.  Everyone was present for the meeting.

After which, we went on to discuss about the ideas for our first video. Ideas suggested include: news broadcast (probably more applicable to the second video about implications), talk show style.

We have decided on filming our video as a talk show style. We would need an empty tutorial room for the location, and we will film using Rish’s iPad. The brainstorming session results are as follows:

The talk show will include a host, an expert talking about the chemical concepts, while the rest of our team members will be the audience who are entitled to ask the ‘expert’, questions about certain chemical concepts.

Please refer to our assignments tab for more details.

Things to do before/during the next meeting:

– Finalise the script and start filming