About the team

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Our Group Name is called Au(Gold). The team consists of 6 members from different faculties. Below is our team member’s profile:

Shaun Chew:

Hi guys! I’m Shaun, a year 2 Chemistry student. I love chemistry and believe everything can be explained by nature’s toolbox: Chemistry! 🙂 Hence I’m taking this module to learn more about the implications of chemistry on our society! :):):):):):):):)


Jing Ming:

Hi everyone, I am Jing Ming currently studying in Aerospace Engineering year 1. I took this module because I have an interest to know how chemistry affects of lives. I hope to learn more about chemistry in my group and have fun at the same time.

Hui Xuan:

Hey everyone, I am Hui Xuan currently studying in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I took this module as I wanted to know how chemistry works in our daily life and how we can work as a team to make this module more interesting.

Sean Ng:

Year 3 student currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). I took this module to learn more about how Chemistry can impact us in our daily lives.


Wan Fei:

HI, Im Wan Fei, from MATH, year 2. I took this module as I wanted to learn more about chemistry and how does the various chemical concepts affects our daily activities.


Shu Han:

Hi! I am Shuhan, year 1 Biological Science student. I want to learn more about Chemistry and its effect on my daily life. I also choose this module because it is fun!