Meeting’s log

Our 1st group meeting was on 11th Feb 2015 4pm – 5pm at SPMS Computer lab 3. All team members were present.

In the meeting we discussed about the the basic properties of the periodic table and elements and the brief history of how it was founded. We also discussed about the group video about the periodic table and elements. No major problems were raised throughout the meeting.

The plan for the next meeting is to go into detail about the elemental properties of each group in the periodic table and how they have an in impact in daily life.


Our 2nd group meeting was on 11th march 2015 4-530pm at SPMS Computer lab 3. All team members were present.

During this meeting, we will be completing with details the elements from group 1 to group 8 elements. We have discussed on the topics for our video. We have decided on the location to film our video.

The plan for our next meeting is to complete the video. We will be meeting this coming friday to complete the video. In addition, each members are to complete a section for the uses and implications of elements in various groups. Shaun- transition metals,Sean-Group 3,Wan Fei -noble gases,Hui Xian carbon family etc, Jing Ming- alkali and alkali earth metals.



Our Group 3rd meeting was on 17 march 2015, 1030 am to 2pm at learning pod NTU. All members are present. We have added new portion for our blog. Shuhan-Group 15 and Jing Ming-group 17. We have completed the 3 minutes video and will upload it as soon as possible.

The plan for our next meeting is to come out with ideas to complete our next video. We will need to insert more pictures into the blog and to decorate our blog so that it is more presentable. Our next meeting will be on 18 march 2015 after our lecture.



We have meet on 18 march 2015 from 430 to 530 pm to complete on our blog and to add additional images to our blog. We meet Computer lab 3 SPMS building. We added pictures for various elements and compounds to our blog.

The plan for our next meeting is to come out with a plane for our next video and to complete the video as soon as possible. We will also need to know how to upload our first video.