CM8001 Group 9 (Crescent)

Hi everyone! We are are a group of students from Group 9, Crescent taking the module of CM8001: Impact Of Chemistry On Society.

The members include:
Tay Shan Wen (CBC/2)
Lim Chiew Hwee (CBC/2)
Lim Jie Ying (REP/1)
Lee Ren Jie Raymond (AERO/3)
Lim Chin Mian (AERO/1)

Crescent will be focusing on the origin and impact on the environment of fossil fuels.
To find out more about fossil fuels do follow us through this blog to find out more interesting and exciting facts about fossil fuels! 🙂

Fun Fact 1:
Do you know that it takes million of years for fossil fuels to form!

Continue reading on to find out more amazing fun facts about fossil fuels too!




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AY2014/15 Sem 2

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