Moderating Comments

Comment moderation is a WordPress tool that controls the comments that will appear on your blog. Comments will only appear upon your approval. The system will run a number of tests on every new comment, before posting it on your blog. If a comment fails one of these tests, it will not be displayed immediately on your blog. Instead, it will be placed in a queue for manual approval or deletion by the blog’s administrator. The settings for moderation is accessible in your Dashboard, under Settings -> Discussion.

Setting Moderation

  • Before a comment appears: You may choose to moderate all comments before they appear in your blog, or skipped moderation process for previously-approved comments.
  • Comment Moderation: Holds comments for moderation when they contain excess number of hyperlinks. It is used to block spam comments. However, the number of hyperlinks in comments may differ accordingly to the blog’s audience. You may look through the comments in your blog before setting the limit. In addition, you may specify the keywords (one per line) that require your approval, before the comments appear in your blog. Keywords may include Spam Words, IP addresses, swear words and regular expressions.
  • Comment Blacklist: It is similar to ‘Comment Moderation’, except that comments with these specified keywords will be deleted immediately without notification. (Note: Please be extra careful if you choose this option, as genuine comments may be deleted without notification).

It is not recommended to use ‘Comment Blacklist’ as blogs are used for communication purposes.

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