It has been a long time since I commented on this blog, but this does not mean that I stopped cycling. In  fact, I have continued cycling to NTU and back home about 4 times per week. I have been religiously using the app  on my iphone to record all my commutes, and found it rather addictive. Apart from mapping my route everyday and giving me information about duration, speed, calories burned etc, the web application compares my performance with other cyclists with whom I share some of the road segments. Some of the ride segments can be defined as climbs or routes, and points and awards are gained depending on one’s performance. The problem of course is that I am continually under pressure to improve my times. This is quite exhausting.


I discovered that in my cycling, I use about 1600 calories per day! as a result I realised that I needed to eat more to avoid feeling exhausted all the time.

I have also used cycling to get to meetings in Singapore. I cycled to TTSH in Novena from NTU (57 minutes), and from NTU to Biopolis (45 minutes). These rides were done around lunch time and did feel quite hot, but I took advantage of the swimming pool and showers at the NTU Alumni Club before my afternoon meeting. Very pleasant indeed.


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