Front derailleur problem

My front derailleur is giving me grief. According to tne bike manufacturers it is a Shimano 105 FD-5700. It started rubbing a few days ago. I tried to fix it, but now I can’t get the chain on the large chain ring at all. I’ve ridden bikes all my life, but I never learned to fix derailleur problems. Anyone has a good book on how to fix these?

I fixed it! After reading a few web sites, it all became clear. This site was particularly helpful: As expected, I had to play with the height of the cage, and adjust the Low and High screws. Better lighting allowed me to understand what these screws did. That was really helpful. The cage adjustment for the middle chain ring just needed a tweak on the cable tensioning lug.

What about these birds! I just spotted them on a lamp-post in our street yesterday at about 07:30. They are hornbills, and on the Singapore critically endangered species list:


I just had time to grab the camera before they flew off. It was very exciting.

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