// realisation of sketches 

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Details at the front of the jacket.
I soldered the bulbs in a row and placed a piece of felt in between to prevent the (+) and (-) ends from touching.
On the top, I layered optic fibre which i taped in a row and sewn onto the fabric.

Detail at the back.
I attached the LED mesh on an inner garment (made from fused plastic) and when turned on, the lights will shine through the garment.

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// technology

An update on how the leds will be operating.
Below is a link to a video, to illustrate how will the pattern would be animated,


This is a sketch of the layout of how I intend to organise my electronics and wires.
The leds and electronics will be attached to a inner vest worn beneath the jacket at the back.
In the front, “spheres” of optic fibre will poke through the jacket, projecting the light from inside the jacket to the exterior.

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// technology


Current inventory :

01    x    distance sensor
01    x    pulse sensor
01    x     lilypad
40    x     leds
01     x     led strip
01     x    750m optic fibre

Plan :

Distance sensor sewn to the front, with the pulse sensor sewn on the inside of the sleeve.
The concept is how sometimes when in close proximity with people, this causes stress and anxiety.
The response I hope to achieve is, when there is someone approaching – and in the case of any stress/anxiety felt (as detected by the pulse sensor),
the leds on the jacket will start to turn on (illustrating this gush/collision, like waves onto the shore).

Front – sew optic fibre in a pattern on the sides. Shine led through the optic fibre
Back – leds grid, alternating blink to animate a ripple

// sketches



I wanted to achieve a more cold urban city look
– with oversized structured jackets, dropped sleeve shirts and straight tapered pants




I decided on a collared, dropped shoulder oversized jacket.
I am looking at using a waxy /waterproof material with slight gloss.
All the technology will be on the jacket, with the idea to stitch “waves” with optic fibre on the front.
At the back, I was thinking to include a LED grid  – coordinating the blinking to animate the effect of waves.


// wave

A visual study of proximity with people in relation to the state of our emotions.

In my mood board, I am looking to illustrate the action of the tide hitting the shore.
Drawing a shoreline, each time never the same.

Sometimes gently and soft, almost rhythmic.
Sometimes washing away the shore and retreating far.

I find that this fluctuating relationship between the ocean and shore, is almost mimicking how we affect one another.

Somedays it is lukewarm.
Somedays it moves through extreme spectrums.


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