update on sketch and writeup


My dress inspiration is from the coral reefs and the sea. Iconic representation was used to represent the themes of the dress. The organic shapes of the waves and the sea form the main shapes of the cutouts of the dress and the bubbles of the dress represent the coral reefs in the oceans. The colors of the dress also allude to the theme of the coral and the sea.
My dress concept is about how the coral reefs are dying due to humans. Over 50% of the world’s coral reefs may be destroyed by 2030 due to human related activities. Through the use of technology, I hope to portray that humans are causing damage to the coral reefs. Using the touch sensor, the corals on the dress would glow red, representing the damage that have been done to the corals by humans. The bubbles on the shoulder of the dress have thermoactive ink on them. When they are heated, they turn white, representing the coral bleaching that is happening around the world due to global warming. If the global warming continues, the coral would stay white and would not be able to survive.

Using thermoactive ink on organza bubbles

file_001 file_000-2


I choose to paint the organza bubble fabric with thermoactive ink to maintain the whole theme instead of a flat drawing

I tested heating elements in the form of wire as the previous yellow heat pads were not effective in making the bubbles change colour, the heat have to be directly against the bubble fabric.

I twisted the wires in loops and squeezed them into the bubbles so that they would directly touch the fabric.

I tested with two different types of battery. The higher powered one seems better as it triggers the colour change in an instant, which was important considering that people would not stand and wait for very long to see the colour change.

after confirming that it works with the battery, i hand sewed it with clear fishing thread.


electronics part 3

file_001 (video file)


Image of the whole circuit sewn down to the lining of the skirt.

the positioning of the leds are the same positioning of the organza bubbles on the skirt.

The wires that i used and soldered down are twisted two into one as its quite thin and might break easily when moving around

Each pair of led would light up one after another when the touch sensor is pressed and the heat pad would be triggered

Each pair of led would also turn off one after another together with the heat pad when the touch sensor is pressed

Sewing progress


serging the cut ends of the princess seam top, to prevent fraying,


ironing open the seam allowances of the princess seam top


sewing the collar and the the sleeves facing


Putting everything together, the top and the skirt on the mannequin. The final look of the dress for the art science museum exhibition