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DIHA, Digital Intangible Heritage of Asia is a research cluster initiated by Halina Gottlieb (Digital Heritage Centre) and Ng Bee Chin (Nanyang Technological University) with seed grant from IMI in NTU in 2008. The aim of the research cluster is to bring together practitioners and  researchers  from across discipline who are interested in bridging tangible and intangible heritage..  You can find out more about DIHA here 

A New Silk Road Seed Grant awarded in 2011 (Ng Bee Chin, Halina Gottlieb and Francesco Cavallaro)  from the College of HASS made it possible for DiHA to nurture several interdisciplinary collaborative projects across Schools and Colleges. The research cluster has spawned 1 successful external grant as well as several AcRF Tier 1 grants.  You can read up about the 10 projects on the DIHA blog site.

The cluster has also participated and led three international conferences and four special sessions and workshops on topics related to intangible heritage. Over time, there is now a substantial group of researchers in NTU who are working on the topic of digital heritage from different perspectives. There is a now a need for this vibrant community to meet regularly to share ideas and practices and to discuss concepts that we are all grappling with in the field.

We thought it would also be beneficial for us to be able to communicate to the wider community in a more focused way about the types of research we are engaged in NTU.  In a field which is evolving as we speak,  communication is the key to bring people together. We will be sending out an e-newsletter three times a year with information and updates about research in Singapore.

(Feature Image: Apner Yetimau dons on traditional Abui gear with a hunting bow and 3 different types of arrows)