Research Areas

There are four major research areas under the JIP Programme. The following are: Power Generation, Substructures, Transmissions and Grids and Installation O&M.

Today more than 20 doctoral projects are in progress, spanning resource forecasting, sub-structure studies, power generation, transmission, grid, installation, and maintenance. Some of the key research topics are:

  • A Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave model for applications towards Air Sea Interaction during Tropical Cyclone
  • Additive Manufacturing of High Tensile Strength Steel for Offshore & Marine 3D Complex Joint Applications
  • Comparison of downburst non-synoptic windshear with windshear of ABL in urban and offshore context.
  • Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Scheduling in Renewable Energy Systems
  • Computational Intelligence in Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Control of DC Microgrids with Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Coupled CGD and Depth-Integrated Modelling of Marine Structures
  • Defect Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade Structure
  • Design Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Compliant Space Frame Structure in Moderate Water Depth Offshore Wind Application
  • Enhanced Efficiency Electrical Generator Design
  • Failure of composite material under biaxial loading
  • First Principle Scour Model for Wind Turbine
  • Loads and Analysis of a Downwind Offshore Floating Wind Turbine
  • Lubricant Studies for Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Modelling and control for Wind Turbine load Mitigation
  • Preparation of Polyurethane Coating for Wind Turbine Blades
  • Probability model for ignition of gas ingested by a gas turbine
  • Tidal turbine farm optimisation
  • Utilizing CFD Techniques in mesoscale scaling modeling for wind resource mapping

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