Students List

We have a number of PhD students working with our partner industries on a variety of cutting-edge research projects. Research topics are related to any and all aspects of Offshore Renewable Energy including engineering topics, economic topics, policy and regulation topics, environmental topics, and others. Our students are given the opportunity to do short and long-term research attachments with our overseas institute counterparts and take part into international conferences. As part of the programme, different publications such as journal articles, conference papers and technical reports are being produced.

Current Students

Batch 2011

Andrew Pang

PhD (IGS-SE) ERIAN Batch 2011

Chan Wei Xuan

PhD (MAE) Batch 2011

Ken Tay

PhD Batch 2011


Koh Jian Hao

PhD (MAE) Batch 2011

Martin Koh

PhD Student,  (IGS-SE) ERIAN Batch 2011

Nandar Lynn

PhD (EEE) Batch 2011

Batch 2012

Abdulqadir Aziz

PhD (MAE) Batch 2012

Abhiruchi Gadgil

PhD  (IGS-Sustainable Earth) Batch 2012

Ankit Kumar Das

PhD  (IGS-Sustainable Earth) Batch 2012

Chew Kok Hon

Chew Kok Hon

PhD (MAE) Batch 2011

Nguyen Hai Dang

PhD (IGS-Sustainable Earch) Batch 2012

Liu Zhe

PhD (IGS) Batch 2012

Batch 2013

Alan Koh

PhD Batch 2013

Chow Jeng Hei

PhD (JIP) Batch 2013


Huynh Bao Huy

PhD  (IGS-MAE) Batch 2013


Low Chee Meng

PhD  (IGS-MAE) Batch 2013

Nikhil Garg

PhD  (MAE) Batch 2013

Swaroop Narayanan

PhD IGS Batch 2013

Batch 2014, 2015, 2016

Nguyen Ngoc Vu

PhD (IGS) Batch 2014

Tieo Jing Jin

PhD Batch 2014

Wu Wenjin

PhD Batch 2014

Attukur Nandagopal Rajaram

PhD (IGS) Batch 2015

Dhivya Sundar

PhD (IGS) Batch 2016

Wei Sai

PhD (IGS) Batch 2016

Graduated Students

Irving Paul Girsang

PhD (MAE) Batch 2011 (Graduated)

Ren Ye

PhD (EEE) Batch 2011 (Graduated)

Xiao Jianfang

PhD (EEE) Batch 2011 (Graduated)

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