Chew Kok Hon

Chew Kok Hon

PhD (MAE) Batch 2012

Research Topic: Optimal structural design of offshore wind energy system

Research Summary: The research focuses on developing an optimization framework for the design of offshore wind turbine structures. Key aspects to be addressed include efficiency, effectiveness and practicality of the framework.


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  • Chew, K.H., Ng, E.Y.K., Tai, K., Muskulus, M., Zwick, D., 2014. Offshore wind turbine jacket substructure: A comparison study between four-legged and three-legged designs. J. Ocean Wind Energy 1 (2), pp.74-81. (read more)
  • Chew, K.-H., Muskulus, M., Srikanth, N., Tai, K., Ng, E.Y.K., 2015. Fatigue sensitivity analysis of offshore wind turbine structures. In: Proc WCSMO-11. Sydney, Australia, pp.1339:1-6. (read more
  • Chew, K.H., Muskulus, M., Zwick, D., Ng, E.Y.K., Tai, K., 2013. Structural optimization and parametric study of offshore wind turbine jacket substructure. In: Proc. 23rd Int. Offshore Polar Eng. Conf. Vol. 1. ISOPE, Anchorage, AK, USA, pp.203-210.

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