Swaroop Narayanan

Swaroop Narayanan

PhD (IGS) Batch 2013

Research Topic: Effect of layer waviness on failure of unidirectional GFRP: Failure analysis and experimental validation

Research Summary: Waviness is one of the manufacturing defect which effect mostly on the unidirectional laid laminates. Since main reinforcing part of blades such as spar caps are made up of unidirectional fibers the waviness in fiber causes reduction in both strength and life expectancy of the blade. So it is important that to study how this waviness defects affects the failure behaviour of unidirectional fibers during compression.


  •  Swaroop Narayanan, Aravind Dasari, Yue Chee Yoon, Paul Hibbard and Srikanth Narasimalu, “Effect of through-thickness in-plane fiber waviness on compressive behaviour of unidirectional GFRP composite “in:  Asia Clean Energy Summit, Singapore Oct – 2015

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