Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Who can apply for a blog at blogs@NTU?

All research and faculty staff with a employment contract with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) can apply for a blog.  The blog service is also available to all officially recognized student organisations.  The blog service is not available for individual student blogs.

How should I name my blog?

The name should be something that is easily associated with you, your branding, your program, your research area, and your department or organization groups.  It should be similar or preferably the same as your path name too.  This will make it easier for others to remember. Some examples:

  • If you are setting up a blog for the Economics Department, the title of the blog is Division of Economics and it can be accessible at this address :
  • If you are setting up a blog for your course AB123, the title of the blog is AB123 : Getting started on blog and it can be accessible at this address

If you foresee you might reuse blog to teach for the next term, including the year is a good way to differentiate the different blogs

The name you choose is open on a first-come-first-served basis , but is subject to approval.  It cannot be the name of an existing department or organisational group. The path you choose must not contain any spaces or special characters except the dash (-).

What should my blog be about?

Decisions on what to post and how to organize the blog are the responsibilities of the requester and owner of the blog. We are available for discussion about how to structure the blog navigation and ideas for the topic of the blog.

Blog owners and contributors are expected to familiarize themselves with relevant University policies and guidelines, namely, the Social Media PlanCorporate Identity, and IT Usage.

It is important to include the following disclaimers into your blog in the form of community guidelines.

How do I access the admin panel?

To access the admin panel/ dashboard, add “wp-admin” to the end of the blog’s url and login with your NTU username and password.


For more details, you may refer to Getting Started -> The Dashboard tab in the menu bar.

Creating Blog Posts


How do I wrap text around image in a blog post?

You can set the alignment of the image accordingly under Attachment Display Settings. When “Left” is selected, the image will be aligned on the left hand margin, with the text in the page will wrap around the image on the right. You may refer to Creating Content -> How do I add images to a post or page? tab in the menu bar for more examples.

Can I schedule my blog posts?

Yes. You can schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future.

  • Under Publish in the right panel, click on edit beside Publish immediately
  • Set the intended date and time, and click Ok.
Can I change the author of a post?

Yes only if you are an Administrator to the blog.

  • Go to Posts > All Posts
  • Mouse-over the post that you would like to edit
  • Click on Quick Edit 
  • Change the name under Author and click Update
Can I change the date and time of my post?

Yes. You may do so by adjusting the respective attributes in the Publish box located in the right panel. For more information, you may visit Creating Content -> How do I create a post? tab in the menu bar.

How do I show the summary of my blog post instead of full text?

You can go to Settings > Reading, under “For each article in a feed, show”, select “summary” and save your changes.

How do I edit the sidebar for my blog posts or pages?

Widgets are used to add features to the sidebar. For more information on the use of widgets, you may refer to Design & Functionalities -> Widgets tab in the menu bar.

Blog Administration

How do I edit the main navigation menu?

Details on customization of main navigation menu are available at Design & Functionalities -> Menu tab in the menu bar.

If I want to add users to my blog, will they have full rights on my blog?

WordPress has six pre-defined roles, namely Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. You can control the user rights for your blog by assigning them with different roles. For more information, you may visit Getting Started -> User Management tab in the menu bar.

How can I customise the look and feel of the blog?

You may customize the appearance of your blog with the themes. You may view a list of themes at Design & Functionalities -> Themes tab in the menu bar.

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