E la nave va

And the Ship Sails On (1983)


“In Fellini’s quirky, imaginative fable, a motley crew of European aristocrats (and a lovesick rhinoceros!) board a luxurious ocean liner on the eve of World War I to scatter the ashes of a beloved diva. Fabricated entirely in Rome’s famed Cinecittà studios, And the Ship Sails On (E la nave va) reaches spectacular new visual heights with its stylized re-creation of a decadent bygone era.”

Source: The Criterion Collection


Opera, Comedy, Surrealist, Historical

Format / Medium

Colour film


132 min


Franco Cristaldi, RAI (Rome), Vides Produzione (Rome) and Gaumont (Paris)

Story and Screenplay

Tonino Guerra and Federico Fellini in collaboration with Andrea Zanzotto

Main Cast

Freddie Jones, Norma West, Barbara Jefford, Peter Cellier, Maurice Barrier, Jonathan Cecil, Victor Poletti and Jean Schlegel


Gianfranco Plenizio

Image Credits

The Fellini Foundation for the Cinema