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The Clowns (1970)


“Fellini’s fascination with the circus and the surreal come to a head in one of his final masterpieces, The Clowns. The film reflects Fellini’s childhood obsession with clowns and begins with a young boy watching a circus set up from his bedroom window. Though comical and referred to as a “docu-comedy”, this film explores deeper human conditions such as authority, poverty, humility and arrogance, all of which manifest themselves through the characters of the clowns who vary from the local sex-crazed hobo, a midget nun, to a mutilated Mussolini disciple. Featuring Anita Ekberg, the star of his 1960’s masterpiece, La Dolce Vita and the director himself.”

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Documentary, Comedy, Show business

Format / Medium

Colour film


93 min


RAI (Italy), ORTF (France), Bavaria Film (Germany) and Compagnia Leone cinematografica


Federico Fellini and Bernardino Zapponi


Federico Fellini and Bernardino Zapponi

Main Cast

Mimo Billi , Scotti, Rizzo, Pistoni , Giacomo Furia and Galliano Sbarra


Nino Rota

Image Credits

The Fellini Foundation for the Cinema Collection