I vitelloni

Spivs, The Young and the Passionate (1953)


“Five young men linger in a postadolescent limbo, dreaming of adventure and escape from their small seacoast town. They while away their time spending the lira doled out by their indulgent families on drink, women, and nights at the local pool hall. Federico Fellini’s second solo directorial effort (originally released in the U.S. as The Young and the Passionate) is a semiautobiographical masterpiece of sharply drawn character sketches: Skirt chaser Fausto, forced to marry a girl he has impregnated; Alberto, the perpetual child; Leopoldo, a writer thirsting for fame; and Moraldo, the only member of the group troubled by a moral conscience. An international success and recipient of an Academy Award® nomination for Best Original Screenplay,I vitelloni compassionately details a year in the life of a group of small-town layabouts struggling to find meaning in their lives.” 

Source: The Criterion Collection


Melodrama, Comedy, Autographical

Format / Medium

Black and white film


103 min


PEG Films and Cité Films


Federico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano and Tullio Pinelli (based on an idea by Tullio Pinelli)


Federico Fellini and Tullio Pinelli

Main Cast

Franco Interlenghi, Alberto Sordi, Franco Fabrizi, Leopoldo Trieste, Riccardo Fellini, Leonora Ruffo and Jean Brochard


Nino Rota

Image Credits

Private collection of Federico Grandesso