“Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio”

“The Temptations of Doctor Antonio” (1962)


In Rome, Dr Antonio Mazzuolo is a tireless campaigner for moral decency, forcing young couples out of Lover’s Lane, demanding that women with revealing decolletages cover themselves, getting rid of girlie magazines from newsstands and so on. He is outraged when a giant billboard is erected in the open space opposite his apartment, which features Anita Ekberg advertising milk in a provocative and revealing pose. He marshals every resource to have the billboard removed, even pelting it in paint in frustration before it is eventually covered up. Antonio then begins to have visions of Anita Ekberg appearing to him. One night, he goes down to confront the billboard only for the giant-sized Anita to step out from it. As she walks through the streets, Anita proceeds to tempt and drive Dr Antonio crazy.”

Source: Richard Scheib



Format / Medium

Black and white film


60 min


Carlo Ponti, Compagina Cinematografica and Cineriz (Rome) and Francinex and Gray Films (Paris)


Federico Fellini


Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano in collaboration with Brunello Rondi and Goffredo Parise

Main Cast

Anita Ekberg, Romy Schneider, Romolo Valli, Sophia Loren, Tomas Milian, Paolo Stoppa and Amedeo Girard


Nino Rota

Image Credits

Private collection of Federico Grandesso