Lo sceicco bianco (1952)

The White Sheik (1952)


“The first two days of a marriage. Ivan, a punctilious clerk brings his virginal bride to Rome for a honeymoon, an audience with the Pope, and to present her to his uncle. They arrive early in the morning, and he has time for a nap. She sneaks off to find the offices of a romance magazine she reads religiously: she wants to meet “The White Sheik,” the hero of a soap-opera photo strip. Star-struck, she ends up 20 miles from Rome, alone on a boat with the sheik. A distraught Ivan covers for her, claiming she’s ill. That night, each wanders the streets, she tempted by suicide, he by prostitutes. The next day, at 11, is their papal audience. Can things still right themselves?”

Source: Turner Classic Movies (TCM)


Comedy, Romance, Melodrama

Format / Medium

Black and white film


85 mins


P.D.C / D.F.I Luigi Royere


Federico Fellini and Tullio Pinelli (based on an idea by Michelangeio Antonioni)


Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli and Ennio Flaiano.

Main Cast

Brunella Bovo, Leopoldo Trieste, Alberto Sordi, Giulietta Masina, Fanny Marchiò, Ernesto Almirante and Enzo Maggio


Nino Rota

Image Credits

The Fellini Foundation for the Cinema Collection