My Waters

By Dave Lim | Student category

“My art sits in the middle of the 3rd and the 4th [industrial revolution] , if we had to classify it that way. In the ubiquitous /democratised nature of the image now, what images can we make as artists that still provoke and inspire? In this, the challenge that it brings to me constantly inspires me onto a journey of challenging the idea of the camera, the process of image-making and by extension, meaning making.”

~ Dave Lim

The work is titled after its namesake, My Waters. Moving across urban space surveilled is not something unbeknownst to us. In 2016, the Public Utilities Board of Singapore launched a mobile application called “My Waters’, which uploads a screenshot every two minutes of different places susceptible to flash flooding. The screenshots can be accessed on phones simply by downloading the application. The clips are artefacts of durational performances that was conducted in this cyber space.


ADM Foyer

About the Artist

Dave Lim (b. 1994) is concerned with temporary landscapes of all kinds- the ones that surround us, the ones that we participate in and the ones we imagine and create. Concerned with the state of visuals, he is concerned about the humour and relief that photography and visuals bring to us; and consistently uses that as an entry point into his work. Coming from a photojournalistic and research background, most of the work reflects greater conceptual concerns with regards to urban development and the position of the human body in the change in our living environments. He graduated from Yale-NUS with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Urban Studies. He was awarded the merit prize at the Singapore Young Photographer Award in 2018 and the Objectifs Documentary Award (Emerging) in 2019.