Admin Panel

The admin panel provides access to the blog’s administration tools. Depending on the assigned user roles, some of these tools might not be visible. To access the admin panel, you will have to login to your account by adding wp-admin at the end of your blog URL like: You will be prompted to key in your ID and password. Once you are inside, you will see the admin panel. On the left sidebar, you can find links to various administration tools.




  • All Posts: Show all the posts on your blog.
  • Add New: Create and publish new contents to your blog. See also: How do I Add a New Post?
  • Categories: Organize your contents with categories.
  • Tags: Use tags to increase your contents’ visibility during search. See also: Categories vs Tags





  • All Links: Show all the links.
  • Add New: Add new links to other websites.
  • Link Categories: Organize the links that you’ve added.



  • All Pages: Show all the pages of your blog.
  • Add New: Create and publish new pages. See also: How Do I Add New Page?



Manage comments on your blog. You can approve, spam, or trash comments here. See also: Managing Comments



  • Themes: Change your blog’s appearance. Changing the theme will not affect the content.
  • Customize: Customize the color, fonts, scheme, navigation, or static front page of your blog.
  • Widgets: Drag and Drop various useful features (e.g. search, display categories, etc) to your sidebar or footer.
  • Menus: Control the navigation menu on your blog. Depending on the theme, there might be more than one navigation menu.
  • Header: Change the banner of your blog.
  • Background: Customize the background of your blog.



  • All Users: Display all users and their roles of your blog.
  • Your Profile: Manage your profile here.



  • Available Tools: List down a variety of tools that you can use on your blog.
  • Import: Import content from other WordPress, blogroll, blogger, and many other types of blogs.
  • Export: Export your content to an XML file.



When you install a plugin, its settings page will usually appear here.

  • General: Change blog title, tagline, date, time, and timezone settings.
  • Writing: Change default post category and format.
  • Reading: Change privacy settings, front page display, number of posts per page, etc.
  • Discussion: Change your settings for comments here.
  • Media: Change your settings for images here.
  • Permalink: Change your permalink type here.
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