5 reasons to start wakeboarding

It’s newbie-friendly
There is a misconception that wakeboarding is a competitive sport and you need prior experience to join the NTU Wakeboarding Club. When they started their journey with us, most of our members were new to wakeboarding. Many of them brought their friends along for wakeboarding sessions after enjoying their first experience on the water, and our membership has grown.

You don’t need to join the club to learn from us as well. In fact, we love to introduce the sport to everyone, members as well as non-members. We’ll guide you all the way, from putting on the board to taking your first steps. Many first-time wakeboarders pick up the basics on their very first session!
It’s a breeze
Nothing to do on a weekend? Come out to sea with us! During wakeboarding sessions, we’ll take turns on the water. While waiting for your turn, you’ll get to watch your friends in action while enjoying the breeze and chat with the others in the boat as it cruises.

You can challenge yourself
Unlike other sports, wakeboarding pits you against yourself rather than an opponent. When you begin your wakeboarding journey, feeling afraid is inevitable and this fear is the first challenge you’ll face. You’ll soon learn that wakeboarding is not as hard as it seems. As you progress further and learn new tricks, wakeboarding will constantly challenge you and push you to your limits.

It’s healthy
Wakeboarding is a graceful sport, and it makes for a highly efficient full body workout. As you manoeuvre in different directions, you’ll work your leg and hip muscles, and those in your arms too. Wakeboarding also helps to relieve stress. The adrenaline from wakeboarding lets you maintain a high level of concentration and distracts you from your worries.

It’s a fun community
We don’t just train, we organise fun overseas trips too. In the beginning of September, we took 39 new members to Batam Wake Park, where we met up with wakeboarders from other Singapore universities. This event not only bonded wakeboarders from all parts of Singapore, but allowed the new members to get their first experience with using a cable system to wakeboard. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the travellers so we’ll definitely organise more of such events and we hope to include NTU students who are not from the club too.

A bad day wakeboarding is better than a good day at home! What are you waiting for? Follow @ntuwakeboardingclub on Instagram and drop us a message to join us in our future events.