How to Post

  1. Enter the title of your post.
  2. Enter your post content using the post editor. There are two modes of editing: Visual and Text. Choose the mode by clicking on the appropriate tab. Visual mode gives you a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor. Click the 2 icon in the row to get a second row of controls. Text mode allows you to enter HTML codes along with your post text. Please note that typing or copying HTML codes in visual mode will reformat your html code. To add media into your post click the 3 icon above the post editor. You can select and use existing images and files (e.g. PDF) uploaded to the Media Library, or upload new media to insert to your page or post. You can also edit the image via the Media Library or from the posting. Visit the below links to find out more:


    To embed media into your post
    You can also embed media from many popular websites including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and others by pasting the media URL on its own line into the content of your post. To learn more about embeds, please visit

    To add audio into your post
    Click the 3 icon above the post editor to insert media files. You can select existing audio files already uploaded to the Media Library, or upload new media to insert to your post. The default setting when inserting an audio file to your post is “Embed Media Player”. The audio file will be embedded with a player as follows:



    To de-link the file from the player, select “Media File” under “Embed or Link”. You can also choose to use a third party platform like SoundCloud to embed audio.

    To insert a hyperlink to your post
    Select the text you want to hyperlink. Click the link 6 button. Paste the desired URL into the link field.

    To create a table into your post
    See here on how you create a table.

  3. Set category(s) to your post. Select “food-with-footnotes” as your post category to make sure your post doesn’t go missing!
  4. Tag your post with keywords of your choice that will identify your content. For example, if your food presentation is on steamed buns, you may want to tag it with “steamed bun” and/or “dough food” etc.
  5. Add your featured image of your food item here, and it should appear automatically at the top of your post when you post it.
  6. Preview your post to see how it really looks like.
  7. Publish your post. You can set the terms of publishing your post in the Publish box. For Status, Visibility, and Publish (immediately), click on the Edit link to reveal more options. Publish (immediately) allows you to set a future or past date and time, so you can schedule a post to be published in the future or backdate a post.