Detox Campaign

The Detox Campaign is an initiative by Greenpeace as an effort to ‘expose the links between clothing brands, suppliers and toxic water pollution around the world’. Since 2011, the campaign has moved ‘hundreds of thousands of people around the world’ to question the toxic practices of major clothing brands. They have managed to obtain commitments from 19 international fashion companies worldwide, including named brands such as Nike, Adidas and Zara. All have publicly announced that they provide plans to remove toxic materials, and provide greater transparency around the chemicals that suppliers release into water bodies around the world. Greenpeace has also provided some steps we can take in support of this campaign. They include:

  1. Buy fewer newer clothing products
  2. Take the effort to purchase second-hand clothes
  3. Re-purpose older clothing to create ‘new’ pieces
  4. Involve yourself in a clothes swap
  5. Influence brands to act responsibly through our purchasing power
  6. Demand our government to restrict sales and imports of products containing toxic substances

All this and more things you can do can be found on their website here

Besides the Detox Campaign, there are other ways in which we can support businesses yet push for sustainable practices.

  1. Research on the companies that you purchase your clothes from
  2. Support companies that are engaging environmentally by purchasing their products, if necessary, because remember, purchasing items you do not need may still contribute to pollution
  3. Bring awareness to others around you on the importance of purchasing clothing from sustainable sources