Indonesian Textiles

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The textile and clothing sector in Indonesia is one of the country’s most important sector in manufacturing, accounting for 2% of the National GDP and more than 7% of the country’s total exports in 2013, according to Global Business Guide Indonesia. The industry is mainly concentrated near Jakarta, the country’s capital near western Java, but other areas such as eastern and central Java are increasing in their importance. Most of Indonesia’s textile corporations ply their trade locally, but 61% of clothing produced in Indonesia is exported to many other countries with larger apparel companies that are involved in brands that are known internationally.

However, when the textile industry began to develop in Indonesia, the infrastructure to sustain it was not properly formed nor managed. Water management was not given much needed attention and framework for waste disposal was neglected, among other complications.

This section will focus on the effects of this neglect on one particular area in Indonesia, the Citarum river.