This website provides information about the high extinction rate of species in Singapore. I’m a European student living in Singapore, from the first moment that I arrived in Singapore all I saw was green nature.

I was so surprised, I never had seen such a green city! Astonishingly I found out that many locals complained about the lack of nature in their country. Someone said to me ‘ahh I would love to live in Europe, you guys have nature in abundance!’ This was remarkable.

The first road I took from Changi Airport – Source: Honey combers

So, I started to gather information about the Singaporean environment and I found out that the amount of nature that you can see today in this country is almost nothing, comparing to what it used to be.

On this website you can read how this decline in vegetation and wildlife happened, it gives some examples of threatened species, provides information about extinction research and you can read about solution for this big problem. Above all, the last part of the content is specified on lessons that can be learned from the Singaporean history. You will see, why Singapore is very important for whole South-East Asia speaking about biodiversity.