Singapore Night Scene | Source: Wayne Method (Flickr)

Despite being a young 52 year old nation, Singapore is ranked 5th in the world on the Human Development Index (HDI) as of 2015 according to the Human Development Report (2016) by the United Nations Development Programme.

Developed Countries like Singapore holds high standards of living, have advanced and wealthy economies, and are highly industrialised. Due to the high levels of trade, industrial activity, consumption and production, they also greatly impact the global environment both negatively and positively. For instance, they may damage the environment through pollution from industry and vehicle exhaust and waste, emission of greenhouse gases, over-consumption of resources and production of excessive waste. On the other hand, they may also create green technology and discover valuable information regarding the environment and ways to which we can conserve it.

This blog discusses several ways in which Singapore impacts the environment, and how we may respond to it in our efforts to conserve the environment. (It by no means extensively covers all of Singapore’s global environmental impact)