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Credit: Thomas Nieland

My name is Lisa Nieland, I’m from the Netherlands, currently doing an Exchange project at the Nanyang Technological University. I’m highly fascinated about the beautiful underwater world. My first dive experience was in 2012 in Thailand. Since then, I am addicted to the amazing underwater life panorama created by the variety of colourful fishes and coral.

“So, why a blog about CORAL REEFS?”

Sadly, there is also a negative side to this natural beauty. During my dives I saw a lot of plastic waste flutter down into the ocean. It makes me feel miserable to see so much rubbish floating in the sea. In addition, the oil slicks and the smell exhaust gases of the boats do no good to the ocean as well. This got me thinking about the state of the ocean and the coral reef ecosystems.


Credit: Thomas Nieland

This blog is about the status of the coral reefs in South-east Asia. With the purpose to make people aware that the coral reefs are seriously threatened. I also want to raise the question if human activities, especially diving is a GOOD or a BAD thing.

If it is hard for you to imagine a world you probably never see before, just click on the link below and watch the movie for only 1 minute.


The Coral is getting your attention now?

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