Hello everyone , i am Edmund a 3rd year student from Psychology. Being one who appreciate pristine landscape, and green meadows pique my interest in selecting Geography as an elective back in my secondary school days and this continues to spur my curiosity to broaden my understanding of nature through enrolling Conservation Psychology.

In this blog, i will be examining the commercialisation of fishing and its destructive impacts on the ecosystem and human lives. Fish serve as an indispensable food source and a means of livelihood. However the escalating demands for it has lead to a series of environmental consequences.

Owing to the realisation of how mankind as a whole is decimating species with their selfish motives, this blog hopes to bring greater awareness of this issue and be a starting point for positive changes.

Should there be queries and opinions concerning this issue feel free to contact me via my email : EWONG007@e.ntu.edu.sg