I am Candan. I am an exchange student in Nanyang Technological University.

As an exchange student, I wanted to give information about my country: Turkey. To make my topic clearer, I added some background information. I believe sub-titles are easily comprehensible with those information.

At the first part, I mentioned a Turkish myth called “Tree of Life”. I explained my opinion which indicates the significance of tree in Turkish culture has originated from their first belief in Middle Asia.

My second subtitle is  “Tree in Turkish Language”. At this section, I tried to explain how trees are mentioned in Turkish literature. Starting from this, I tried to deduce environmental identity of Turkish people.

Moreover, I gave information about endemic tree species of Turkey. After giving some examples of those endemic species, I tried to examine whether they are in danger, or not. If they are in danger, I suggested some conservation ways to keep them.

At the last part called “Deforestation in Turkey”, I discussed although tree is a crucial concept in Turkish culture how trees and forests are damaged and what Turkey does to reduce those damage.

The photos you see at the top of my blog are taken by my teacher Yılmaz Özdemir. They are all from Ida Mountains. If you want to see more works of him, check his Instagram account.

I hope, you enjoy while you are reading my writings. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to mail me! My e-mail address is: ccetin14@ku.edu.tr