Some Information About Turkey

Turkey is a developing country which is located in between Middle East and Europe. Although the most known city of Turkey is İstanbul, its capital city is Ankara. Its total area is 783,562 km². According to official information announced by TÜİK on 31 December 2016, its population is 79 million 814 thousand 871. Most of its population is condensed in the metropolises, such as İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir.

Population Density Map of Turkey (

Most of the people living in Turkey is Turkish. Turkish people used to live in Middle Asia between Ural and Altai Mountains until 8th century. They were nomads in that time interval. Their means of living were based on agriculture and husbandry. Because of climate drought in that area and Chinese and Mongolian pressure, Turkish people migrated Anatolia. However, many of Turkish myths and Turkish words are framed in Middle Asia period.

Migratory Routes of Turkish Tribes (

Because of its soil structure, climate, and geographical formations Turkey is a rich country about biodiversity. It has approximately 10,000 plant species which is almost equal to continental Europe. 160 mammals, 466 birds, 120 reptile, 22 ampfibian, 127 freshwater fish specie live in Turkey. A significant percentage of those species are endemic, which means they are unique to Turkey (Kangal dog, Van cat). Unfortunately, some of them are extinct today and some of them are  in the danger of extinction.

A typical Van cat (
Kangal Dog (


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