welcome to alt-cars!

You’re probably wondering what alt-cars means. Is it like the alt-right movement? How is alt-cars pronounced? Is it pronounced as all-t or is it an abbreviation?

Alt-cars refers to alternative fuel vehicles. Alt is the short form of alternate/alternative and is often used as a prefix. It is used to denote that the following noun is atypical or a different version of the original. It is usually used to refer to non-traditional and unconventional variations. (If you are still wondering, alt is pronounced like malt, but without the m.)

I felt that the term ‘alternative fuel vehicles’ was too lengthy and not catchy, therefore I created the term alt-cars for my blog.

My blog will address several issues, beginning with the traditional fuel vehicles. I will be looking at what they are and the issues these traditional vehicles pose to the environment. Next, I will delve into the main bulk of my blog: alternative fuel vehicles. Here, I will talk about the different types of alt-cars and show comparisons of a traditional fuel vehicle as opposed to alt-cars. In addition, I will introduce the local scene of alt-cars in terms of where to buy them, the cost, charging locations, and the feasibility of it all. Last but not least, there will be some case studies of other countries that have made a successful transition from traditional to alternative, and I will evaluate the strategies they used, to see what Singapore can learn from them.

The motivation behind this topic was that I drive a car on a daily basis. Hopefully what I write here could inspire myself and others to make a change. One person at a time.