Greetings, readers! When I was tasked with this blog assignment by Prof. Gumert, I thought long and hard about which conservationist I should choose. Should I choose one with countless awards? Should I choose one that is very well-known? It is after all easier to find pictures and information about those people.

But deep down, I knew there was one man I wanted the world to pay attention to. It was really challenging to find information about him because he was such a humble being and so low-profile. He did not crave attention, always working behind the scenes to protect wildlife. Those who knew him dubbed him as the ‘silent hero’, constantly slogging his ass off to make the world a better place despite little pay and recognition.

On 16th August 2017, our silent hero was brutally murdered. I decided that this blog will be my way of paying tribute to him so that he will not be easily forgotten. I hereby present to you…

Put on your safari gear, grab a torch and hop on the jeep! Let’s embark on an adventure to learn about Mr. Lotter.