Singapore is renowned for being a green city. Everywhere one turns, it is quite difficult not to see green trees lining up the streets. Indeed, today our public green areas have exceed 9,500 ha i.e. 13.6% of the total land area of Singapore. Despite that, there is a general notion that most Singaporeans are apathetic about conservation and environmental effort. While it is true that the conservation movement may not be as advanced as other countries, it would be unfair to say that conservation is dead in Singapore. In fact, a recent study by National Climate Change Secretariat (Cheam, 2012) revealed that more Singaporeans are showing concern about environmental issues.


This blog will show you the many kinds of green, environmental and conservation practices in Singapore. Some may be practices that you already know, while some may not. Some practices may be beyond your means, while some may be within your means. I hope that after reading my blog you will learn that anyone can go green, including yourself. Enjoy!