313@Somerset and Tangs

(Source: http://providence1974.blogspot.com/2012/03/fashion-events-at-313somerset.html)

(Source: http://www.makeupstash.com/2012/03/tangs-earth-hour-2012-i-will-if-you-will-campaign.html)

To commemorate Earth hour, 313@Somerset is organising a “fashion swop” called The Green & Gorgeous Fashion Swap – Exchanging old fashion items for new items. While Tangs aims to donate S$16000 to WWF through from sales of their WWF recyclable bag.

Importance and relevance of these practices

313@Somerset’s involvement is a very good way to attract a diverse group of crowds like the fashion and green crowd. The swopping event not only educates the crowd on the concept of recycling but also discourages shoppers throwing away of old clothes or accessories that could contribute to waste pollution.

Personally, when I first saw Tang’s advertisement, I was quite enticed. I have to admit the main reason for my interest was because of the cute panda logo. Together with the information that sale proceeds go to the WWF, I was even more motivated. Retrospectively, I realised that there were two things I could learn.

One – The reason for my interest of the bag was because of the panda logo. This also inherently reveals my attraction to charismatic megafauna like the pandas. Such animals with widespread appeal can help achieve conservation goals well beyond just those animals. For more information of WWF: http://www.worldwildlife.org/home-full.html

Two – Having mere intention is not enough. Information is equally important as well. Shoppers will be less contemplative to purchase the tote bag when they are also informed that the sales are for greater goods.  As such,informing customers of the significance of their purchase may lead to more customers doing their parts for the wild life (at least indirectly).