Asia Square

Asia square is considered one of the most eco-friendly building in Singapore. This green building serves both retail and office purposes. I will highlight some prominent green features and technologies of the building. For more information of the building:

Feature 1


Several technologies go into Asia Square’s lift system. The kinetic energy produced by the lifts is converted back into electrical energy and redistributed back to the lift system. This will save both energy consumption and cost.

Feature 2


The water and vapour droplets are collected from the air handling units and used for water for the plants and toilets within the compound. This saves water usage and also the utility bills.

Feature 3


Asia Square also has a bio diesel plant within its compound that converts oil collected from its tenants’ eateries into biodiesel to generate electricity. This innovative green idea also involves the neighbourhood hawker centre Lau Pa Sat, as their waste is also delivered to Asia Square manually.

Feature 4


There is also a management control room in the building that monitors the operations of the several green technologies installed like the lift systems and biodiesel plant.

Importance and relevance of these features

The above examples highlight the various eco-friendly practices of Asia Square. Kinetic energy, oil waste, water droplets are all recycled for other uses. These are all brilliant ideas that are both green and practical.

Kempton and colleagues (1992) proposed three criteria for conservation, they are:

1)      Curtailment

2)      Management

3)      Equipment investment

Based on the above features, Asia Square has fulfilled all the criteria.

Curtailment: Asia Square has managed to use fewer resources like water for plants and toilets, electrical energy for lifts and electricity. (Feature 1, 2 and 3)

Management: There seems to be a good management team to ensure the smooth operation of the various green technologies (Feature 4)

Equipment investment: Asia Square has invested in various types of green equipment. (Feature 1 and 3). These technology investments can lead to huge environmental impact in the long run.


The technologies invested by Asia Square do have a huge environmental impact. This is because a substantial amount of water, energy and electricity can be saved via these technologies. And the savings are especially significant for a large building like Asia Square.

However, one major obstacle that might hinder organisations from installing such green technologies is the monetary aspect. Well, this should not come as a surprise. Besides, the short term savings would certainly be much lesser compared to the money invested in such technologies. As such, this green concept is not likely to appeal to organisations that value short term gains.

Lastly, some organisations and individuals may perceive conservation and environmentalism as lower status. (Hirsh & Dolderman, 2007). As such, some shopping centres that only want to attract the upper class may be less receptive of such green image for fear of turning off their desired clientele.