(Source: Earthlink NTU)

This poster by Earthlink NTU was sent to all NTU students via e-mail to recruit student volunteers to get pledges signed. This is an example how clubs in schools can recruit students for green events like Earth Hour.

Importance and relevance of this green practice

Intention without information is useless. A student may have the motivation to do something for the earth, but without a proper avenue and information, many motivated students may not know how they can help. A school event organised by an established club like Earthlink NTU not only provides an avenue for fellow students to do their part, but also lends credibility to the event.

By getting student volunteers to go around HDB flats to spread the green messages, more residents will be educated. Besides, research has also shown that word-of-mouth persuasion is more effective than simply presenting people with mere information like brochures (Herr, 1991)

(NTU’s Earth Hour initiative)