Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


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Professor Gumert organized a trip to Sungei Buloh for our conservation psychology class but the trip is cancelled due to rain and lighting. Hence I feel slightly “negativistic” about the weather. I was ready to brave through the rain. I brought raincoat x2 [one for me and one for Joan], slippers, ziplock bag for my handphone and ipod as well as one dollar for the entrance. However, I guess it is still dangerous for all of us to do this in the rain. After all, we still have to obey the nature.

In addition, Joan, who suggested to change it to afternoon or Sunday, did not read her email. This adds to my disappointment for not being able to make it to the trip.

*special thanks given to Joan Ang who share her personal experience.

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What to do now?

One of the purposes of managed nature like parks, zoo and reservoirs is for recreational purpose. Recreational activity is definitely not on top of the list for conservation activity. However, I think it can certainly bring us closer to nature.

We can categorize recreational  activities into two types: passive and active. Active recreational activities are better than passive recreational activities because interactive experience enhance our experience in nature.

Photo by MICA

Nature recreational reactivities seem to be a useful way to utilize Nature. It allows us to escape from the hectic way of living in city and gives us opportunity to take a step back and explore our inner-self. That is important for Singaporeans (and whoever lives and work in Singapore) who are working in this fast- paced city. Singapore may not have much wild nature left but our managed nature can certainly fulfill these needs. These are some suggestions provided by nparks on what to do while exploring the beauty of nature. And yes. There is pony riding.

So instead of heading down to the mall for shopping or movie during your free time, why not rent a kayak from the reservoir?

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About this Blog

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.”

-Gregory Bateson

This blog aims help readers come to better understanding about environmental values which could affect behaviors towards conservation efforts. This is done with special attention on Dominionistic (the desire to gain mastery over Nature), Utilitarian (see Nature as physical resources) and Negativistic (fear or hatred towards Nature).

Some of these values seemingly have adverse impact on conservation efforts. However it may not be the case all the time. There will be international examples and local examples to illustrate this point.

This blog also serves as educational tool and a platform for discussion regarding different opinions on these values. Feel free to leave comments on the pages and posts.

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