Quick post about rationality and irrationality…

The other day I was thinking about what we thought of as “rational” and “irrational” while I was pondering over this poaching business and about the things I’ve learnt in school about how people make irrational decisions a lot more than we think we do. Rational, here, being only the weighing of absolute costs and benefits of an action. But people, it seems, make decisions is by using our past experiences and most accessible knowledge to assess the situation before us and coming up with solutions for it. Of course this is so! We aren’t robots capable of computing every possible outcome of an action or behaviour so that we can pick out the one with the best result – there would just be too many possibilities and it would take far too long for us to make a decision, even if we could. There are so many things to take into consideration when you are a living, breathing, feeling human surrounded by many other living, breathing and feeling people! Sometimes, we can hardly decide what to eat for lunch, which involves only ourselves, much less in situations where the interests of other people must be taken into account.


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