Understanding Deforestation near our Homeland


Born a Singaporean living where forests are hardly found anymore, deforestation to me had only been an issue I read off textbooks since primary school. However, did you know right in this part of the Asia continent holds the largest proportion of tropical rainforest in the entire world? Studies had shown how tropical forests in SEA had decreased at such alarming rates and all the cutting of forests going on for the past decades had been taking place right beside our country!

The importance of deforestation struck me when I realised how much medicinal value had been lost in the midst of clearing forests for landspace and such an effect, for most of the time, is irreversible. I found it to be a ‘human tragedy’ as possible cures to deadly illnesses could have long been found if man had not chosen to carry out such harmful human activity in the first place.

However, not all hope is lost as we see an improvement in situation where attempts to save the remaining forests are performed in SEA in the recent years.

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