Photo Credit: population.sg

This blog serves as an educational platform in exploring the environmental impacts of the Population White Paper. Since its release on 29 January 2013, it had sparked huge debates both in the Parliament and among Singaporeans. While the reactions to the paper were mostly about political and/or economic issues, this blog attempts to solely discuss the environmental impacts that the plans and/or policies proposed by the Singapore government in the Population White Paper has on the Singapore environment and its people.

The blog will provide a brief overview on the Population White Paper and the plans proposed by the government in meeting the needs of a growing population by 2030. Next, it will be looking into the underlying reasons that could have led to the lack of concern that the Singapore population has towards environmental issues and the possible impacts that the plans outlined in the Population White Paper could have on the Singapore environment and Singaporeans. Lastly, we will be discussing the approaches that have been adopted by the Singapore government as well as some possible suggestions that could be adopted by the government in tackling environmental issues and/or in promoting pro-social environmental behaviour in Singaporeans.