The Lion Whisperer

Brief Introduction

Kevin with a lion. Image Source.

Kevin Richardson is a self-taught zoologist and animal behaviourist who has worked extensively with the native animals of South Africa. He currently runs the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary at the Welgedacht Game Reserve in South Africa, mainly caring for the big cats. Kevin has spent 16 years of his life cultivating friendships and familial bonds within the lion prides. Hence, through his exclusive relationships with this predators, Kevin has made a name for himself in the media industry as one of South Africa’s leading animal handlers and advisor.

Through his unorthodox and unique style of caring for the dangerous predators, he shot to fame in the international stage and was nicknamed as the “The Lion Whisperer” by the people. He strives to educate people on the plight of not only the lions but also all the other animals in the wild and uses the media as a platform to garner support and increase awareness for his conservation projects. As a conservationist, Kevin has devoted his life to caring for these majestic animals and protecting them from human encroachment and habitat loss. The video below shares a quick glance at the relationships that Richardson has with these predators:

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