For our Home.

It’s not just global warming. It’s not just fossil-fuel dependency. It’s not just soil erosion. It’s not just chemical contamination of our land and water. It’s not just the population problem. And it’s not just all of those. The deterioration of the environment of our planet is an outward mirror of an inner condition.  Like inside, like outside. – Wes Jackson

Diminishing forests, loss of habitats, loss of biodiversity, global warming, rising sea levels, pollution – this is the picture we have of our Earth’s environment now. Earth – the planet we call home. And similar to what Wes Jackson had eloquently expressed, the environment of our home is a reflection of us. Our behaviour is the root cause for our planet’s deterioration, thus it is of importance that we find out why we behave the way we do, and how we can change our behaviour to save our environment.

Hence, this blog is dedicated to exploring how we can foster pro-environmental behaviour in people, through the findings of studies in the field of conservation psychology. An overview of the concept of promoting sustainable behaviour will be provided. Then we will look at what Singapore has done to promote pro-environmental behaviour in its citizens, and evaluate these approaches by applying the concepts learnt in conservation psychology. So do feel free to navigate the pages and find out more!

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