Langurs & Vietnam

This blog serves as a platform to present the condition of the rapid plunge of the langurs species in Vietnam. This blog will introduce myself- the author, the different types of langurs as well as the focused country- Vietnam. This blog will also explore the threats, conservation efforts, and their effectiveness, as well as future directions, and not forgetting the sources that aided in my insights on this topic.

First of all, what is a langur?

Spectacled Langur Family

The lexical definition of a langur is “any of various slender, long-tailed monkeys of the genus Presbytis, of Asia, feeding on leaves, fruits, and seeds”. Langurs are basically primates.

Secondly, why Vietnam?


I choose to focus solely on Vietnam for this blog as it has the most endangered primates of all countries.

My hope is that this blog would serve as a platform for you readers to understand the plight primates in Vietnam are currently going through right now as we are comfortably seated in well-ventilated rooms and without the fear for our existence. Most importantly, I hope this blog would convince you readers of the huge influence we have on nature.

We have power. Why not use it the right way?