Welcome to the World of Sharks – Source: Total Pro Sports

You guys might not have known that with the current rate of shark exploitation the shark population is facing the danger of being extinct in the next few decades.

This blog will equip readers with some of the background information and current status on sharks. Also, it will be looking at the importance and benefits that sharks can bring about for the environment as well as human beings. Interested to find out what are the causes that drive sharks closer to extinction? Yes, they are being covered in this blog too! Moving on, it will also talk about the various implementations put in place by both the governments and some private organizations to counter the problem of shark extinction. Besides looking at the relatively successful responses garnered from the implementations, this blog will also look at some of the challenges met along the way. It will then talk about other possible solutions that can be implemented in order to save the shark population. Lastly, it will share about how conservation psychology can be applied to the issue of decreasing shark population.

Welcome to the world of sharks and be prepared to gain insights about these fabulous creatures. So, come on in and let the journey begin!